7-Day Crow Challenge


  • The Challenge

    The YBC 7-Day Crow Challenge teaches you the fundamentals of Crow Pose. Yoga, and arm balances, in particular, are a powerful way to embrace the process and release perfectionism. This challenge guides you through six strength-building yoga classes, each crafted to put you in touch with the core areas of the body needed for Crow Pose. On the 7th day, we will all join together in a live flow revolving around Crow Pose to link together what you have learned!


    What to Expect

    - 7 days of practice and support to prepare you for Crow Pose

    - PDF explaining the physical and emotional benefits of Crow Pose

    - Daily tutorial videos

    - Daily information and tips

    - Live flow and restorative classes

    - Guided meditation

    - Intention setting and journaling prompts

    Tutorial Videos Include

    - Breathing exercise to connect the mind and body

    - Step-by-step guidance through each pose

    - Clear and detailed physical cues
    - Concluding Savasana meditation

  • 7 Class Video Series

    Preview the challenge

    Day One

    Core Tune Up

    This practice takes you through a variety of CORE STRENGTHENING movements designed to awaken the muscles surrounding your shoulder blades, stabilize your core, and strengthen your wrists, all in preparation to conquer arm balances.

    Day Four


    In this energizing class you learn to get comfortable bearing weight in your hands. DOWNWARD FACING DOG offers a full-body rejuvenation that will elongate your spine and release the tension in your hamstrings, calves, arches, and hands. UPWARD FACING DOG challenges your core strength by adding a backbend.

    Day Six

    Crow Pose

    This class breaks down different aspects of CROW POSE to help you gain confidence in the pose. It will strengthen your wrists, upper back, legs, and core while increasing the flexibility of your spine. It also balances your nervous system, brings a sense of levity to your body, and clears your mind.

  • Why Crow Pose?

    Approaching arm balancing poses can be intimidating! Which offers you the opportunity to push past your comfort zone and start making real changes in your life on and off your mat! Crow pose also promotes coordination, balance, and concentration, bringing harmony to your inner life.


    The pose offers full work out for your body and mind. This course will tone your arms, tighten your core, strengthens your wrists, upper back, and legs in just 20-minutes a day! A therapeutic pose as well, Crow also releases tension in your groin and activates your abdominal organs, while increasing the flexibility of your spine. Improving your overall well being and your everyday movements.


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